Apron with Sea Cadets logo

Picture of Apron with Sea Cadets logo
Apron with embroidered Sea cadets logo

From £10.40 incl VAT

Boatswain's Call

Picture of Boatswain's Call
Boatswain's Call (Approx 12cm length)

£11.50 incl VAT

Branded Sails

Picture of Branded Sails
Designed to offer Sea Cadet Units and Training Centres a cost effective training sail and clear identity for their Sailing Dinghies.

From £0.00 incl VAT


Picture of Bunting

From £6.00 incl VAT

Christmas Cards

Picture of Christmas Cards

From £3.00 incl VAT

Gul EVO 2 Safety Helmet

Picture of Gul EVO 2 Safety Helmet

From £23.00 incl VAT

LED Power Bank 5000mAh

Picture of LED Power Bank 5000mAh
Power Bank 2ISB sockets

£13.50 incl VAT

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