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Trinity 500 (Seconds Quality)

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We have a number of T500 Seconds Quality for sale. Unfortunately a defect was identified in the internal hull mould resulting in one side being higher than the other. Whilst this does not impact on the integrity of the hull, it could affect the comfort of the rower over time.

Some hulls were collected by units before the problem was identified resulting in them being dispersed throughout the country. Where a unit has requested a replacement new hull, the original faulty T500 is now being offered for resale from their current locations.

The imperfection has resulted in a significant discount being offered of £690 off the original price..

The nature of the moulding fault can be seen in the image, identified by the line of the stretcher when viewed in conjunction with the thwart and in their failure to be in parallel with each other.. Whilst the differences vary slightly between hulls and at different points, the typical difference between port & starboard spar to seat height can be in the region of 3.5 cm.


Picture of Trinity 500 (Seconds Quality)
Trinity 500 (Seconds Quality)

For more information please contact our Procurement Manager Nigel Reddick 

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£2,500.00 incl VAT